• 7 Weight Loss Foods

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    The food that we eat defines our lifestyle and defines how healthy we want to be and we can be. As we know, we should avoid fatty, sugary foods. But in times like these, where sweets are a commonality, it can be very hard to do. But there still are foods that can help bust those pounds. Here are some fat-busting, carb-less, nutritious food that can help contribute greatly to the body you’d want to have.

    1. Tea – Teas have existed and have helped for thousands of years. Teas don’t have caffeine and are all natural. It helps regulate digestion, boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite, burns fats and calories and serves as anti-oxidants for the body. There are a lot of teas one can choose from, ranging from green tea, to varieties such as the Okinawan tea (Japanese tea), Oolong tea and Feiyan tea (Chinese tea) among others. Celebrities also have been spotted drinking tea for its weight-loss and beautification (said to make people look younger) properties, one of which is X-men star Patrick Stewart whose youth secrets include a constant cup of Earl Grey tea.

    2. Mushrooms – now what do mushrooms have to do with losing weight? Well, a lot, actually. Mushrooms serve as a great meat substitute, thus you can cut back on your heavy meals. It leaves you with the ‘full feeling’ that could minimize, if not eradicate, the urge to snack. (Snacking is one of the leading cases of weight gain because snacks usually consist of junk food, oily and sugary sweets e.g. potato chips, doughnuts) It also helps lessen the consumption of calories throughout the day, as mushrooms have high nutritional values. Mushrooms also unclog your system and help regulate bowel movement. Mushrooms are also high in protein which can keep you going. It helps you lose weight without losing your curves.

    3. Eggs – in contrast to the popular belief that only egg whites should be consumed as egg yolks are fatty, it is best to consume the whole egg as most of the protein is found in yolk. As earlier stated, protein keeps you going, it is an energizer and it is one of the components of a healthy body. Aside from that, protein also prevents sugar cravings. Eggs also contain vitamin E and it helps makes you fuller longer.

    4. Apples – familiar with the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? That is pretty much true because apples and fruits in general, are full of fiber and can help in promoting a healthy digestion and a healthy metabolism. Apples are low in calorie and fat, are low in sodium and contain several vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. Apples also contain anti-oxidants and help minimize cholesterol in the body. It also slows down the absorption of carbohydrates with the help of soluble fiber found in apples.

    5. Beans, seeds and nuts – they say that big things come in small packages and that can be proven by these powerful edibles. Beans contain cholecystokinin, a digestive hormone that naturally suppresses appetite. It keeps your blood sugar in check, and it high-fiber beans also help lower your cholesterol. Seeds like Chia seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids, iron and calcium. It serves as a sponge and it absorbs sugar, and it also stabilizes blood levels in the body. Talk about tough. Nuts such as pistachios, are high in protein and fiber, and healthy fats. Now, not all of the fats in the body are bad. Our bodies need fats, the good kind, the ones which are found in pistachios. It also helps lower cholesterol levels.

    6. Yogurt – yogurts can be consumed as healthy snacks. Yogurt is filled with prebiotics and is rich in calcium. Yogurt helps burn fat and trims your tummy easily. Yogurt is filled with vitamins and minerals, plus, it comes in different flavors and can be served with a variety of fruits or in different dishes.

    7. Vinegar – now how can vinegar help you keep trim? Vinegar contains acetic acid. Acetic acid slows the passage of food in the stomach, thus giving you a fuller feeling. It also helps you keep your blood sugar down and minimizes sugar-craving.

    You may choose from any of these fat-busting foods, but what matters is moderation in eating. Even if you consume these, and still over-eat, your preference would still be in vain. Stay healthy, eat healthy.

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  • Healthy Weight Loss With Natural Foods

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    There are certain foods, that are great at helping you lose your excess weight. Although you may currently find it difficult to trim down with your current exercise regime, if you modify your eating habits, this can help you to obtain the ideal weight for your body. There are lots of weight loss foods that are not only beneficial for your waistline, but are also vital in maintaining optimal health.

    Make a good start to the day, by having a healthy breakfast. This meal is very important as it provides you with the energy to keep you going for the rest of your day. Your breakfast also maintains your metabolic rate throughout the day, which of course is vital for weight loss. When you eat a good breakfast, you are also far less likely to reach for a sugary or high carbohydrate snack later in the morning.

    The next thing that you need to do is monitor the food you eat throughout the day. You need to pay close attention to exactly what you are eating, and also the quantity of what you are eating. Swot up on your foods and food products, so you can tell the difference between a healthy low fat food, and a low fat food with questionable health benefits. You will be surprised, a lot of low fat foods are not particularly good for you (as they may contain sweeteners for example) or are actually not very low fat at all (they may be loaded with sugars as opposed to fat, which may still convert to fat in your body).

    Fruits and vegetables are of course vital to a healthy, balanced diet, providing you with essential vitamins and minerals. If you are trying to lose weight, try to make fruit and vegetables a huge part of your diet, and always buy organic where possible. Fruit and vegetables also help to detox your body, flushing excess waste and toxins, and the fiber and water content will make you feel fuller for longer after your meals, as well as help with digestion.

    Start substituting fatty and manufactured foods like nachos and sodas to more healthy weight loss foods like lean proteins, whole grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables. In addition to experiencing some weight loss, you should start to feel healthier and have more energy. You will also feel more content between meals if you are eating a healthy diet, and your cravings for sweets and high calorie snacks should be reduced.

    Eating an unhealthy diet, can be a vicious cycle. For example, binging on sweets and fatty foods can actually change the opiate receptors in your brain to deplete you of endorphins. Once you have low endorphin levels, you are far less likely to exercise and eat well. Of course, if you are not exercising and eating well, you will not be raising your endorphin levels, and this lower level will again leave you craving sweet and fatty foods, and so on.

    The key to weight loss and healthy eating is to try and stick to nature as closely as possible, when choosing your weight loss foods. This means choosing organic food where possible, and also choosing unrefined foods such as wholemeal bread and brown rice, as opposed to their white and refined counterparts. Always read food labels, if the ingredient list of a food product is long, with a lot of chemical looking names that you don’t recognise, steer clear. Often, the less the ingredients in a product, the better the food. Always look out for the salt content of a food product too, you will be surprised by how much salt is sometimes added to try and make a mediocre product taste good.

    The Health Blog Weight Loss Foods was formed in 2010 by Estelle Coughlan. Estelle has worked in the healthcare industry for 17 years, and started her blog to educate on the power of superfoods, especially in the weight loss market. The blog is dedicated to healthy, safe, yet effective weight loss, through the use of the world’s most powerful weight loss foods.

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  • 7 Good Weight Loss Foods

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    A substantial part of dropping weight is regulating the number of calories that you eat. Nevertheless, good weight loss foods are not simply those which are low in calories. There are likewise foods which can kick start your metabolic rate, or help you to control your yearnings by satiating your hunger for longer. Right here are 7 of the best foods to add into your diet plan if you are trying to reduce weight.


    Beans are an excellent means of adding protein into your diet. Their very high fiber content makes them slower to digest than other types of protein, which helps to keep you feeling fuller and pleased for longer. In other words, beans can avoid you sabotaging your diet plan with hunger.


    Nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pecans are packed filled with antioxidants and health enhancing vitamins. Significantly, studies have revealed that individuals who treat on nuts eat smaller sized part sizes at meal times, making them very good weight loss foods.

    Dark Chocolate

    Lots of chocolate enthusiasts will have heard that dark chocolate benefits people on a diet plan. This is partially since dark chocolate has health benefits, offering it is eaten in practical quantities. But scientific researches have actually likewise shown that it might lower hunger too. Participants who snacked on dark chocolate, rather than milk or white, taken in over 15 percent less at their next meal.


    Having a soup starter prior to your main meal can considerably lower the total calories that you consume. This is since soup is extremely rewarding and fills you up, but tends to be reduced in calories. However, cream based soups ought to be prevented due to their high calorie and fat material.

    Pureed Vegetables

    Moms and dads have actually long been hiding pureed veggies in their children’s food, but now researchers think that dieters ought to be doing the exact same to their own meals. Including pureed vegetables into dishes such as mac and cheese was discovered to decrease the quantity research participants consumed by approximately 400 calories. It is thought that the added fiber caused them feeling fuller quicker.


    Grapefruit – either whole or in juice type – can assist to kick start the metabolic process. It was discovered that individuals who consumed half a grapefruit prior to their morning meal and lunch dropped 3 pounds more, during 3 months, than people who didn’t.


    Harvard performed an extensive 10 years study into the eating practices of people, and the result on their midsection. Of all the foods, yogurt was found to have the most significant impact on the quantity of weight which was lost.

    Integrating good weight loss foods into your daily diet plan can considerably boost your efforts when it comes to shedding excess pounds. Studies recommend that individuals are also more most likely to make healthier food selections throughout the rest of the day.

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