• How to Make Friends With the Scale

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    It sits there in the corner of your bathroom, collecting dust from time to time or sometimes, when everything is going right, it sees a lot of action. Do you only get on the scale after a “good” day or week? You know what I’m talking about, right? You avoid it after crazy weeks of missed workouts and grab and go meals. And after vacations and during the holiday season? Yeah, right!

    It’s time to stop the love-hate relationship with the scale and come to a truce. Don’t let the number on the scale be the end all be all but view it as another tool in your arsenal to stay on track. Hopefully, your ultimate goal isn’t really about the number on the scale. It’s about feeling awesome inside and out, being a great role model if you have kids, and living your fullest life possible at a healthy weight.

    So why bother with the scale? Because it doesn’t lie. Yes, you should base your progress on other things too: energy levels, fitness progress, how your jeans fit, and how you look in the mirror but ultimately the scale provides invaluable feedback. Feedback that can’t be ignored or argued with.

    Try these tips to stop cursing the scale and starting to make friends with it instead:

    • Weigh yourself once (twice at the very most) per week on the same day at the same time

    • View the scale as just one tool to measure your progress and keep yourself in check. Have other methods such as how your clothes fit, how you feel during your workouts, or how you look in the mirror sincethe number on the scale isn’t the only way to measure success! Make sure to write down or track these measurements.

    • If the scale doesn’t give you the feedback you wanted, don’t throw in the towel! Use the information to assess what you could do better moving forward and plan to make small changes that will lead to more desirable results for the next week. Have a mantra or positive statement to say to yourself in case you don’t get a number you like that will prevent you from giving up. For example, “I expected to lose a pound or two but that’s OK. It’s my long-term goal that matters most. I’ll keep going.”

    • Remember that people who are the most successful with long-term weight loss have made a habit of weighing themselves on a weekly basis

    • Base your goal weight on what’s best for you and your body, taking into consideration a past weight you know you felt good at. Don’t go by what your friend weighs or a BMI chart. You may not fit inside the healthy weight box.

    Here’s to forming a fresh relationship with the scale, no strings attached, and forming a new habit of weighing weekly!

    Tired of dieting and not getting results? Sign up now for your free copy of Your Last Diet e-book at http://plateshaper.com. Erin Kuh, registered dietitian, nutrition coach, and owner of The Plate Shaper, and is dedicated to helping you redesign the way you eat for permanent results.

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  • 6 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

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    There are a lot of unhealthy things that people do in order to lose weight. I want to focus more on the healthy things that you can be doing to get the most out of your weight loss journey. Let’s take a look at 6 things that will help you with your healthy weight loss.

    1 – Don’t try to lose too much too quick. It kills me how many people will spend a lifetime getting out of shape, and the a week or a month before a big event, they think they can reverse everything. It doesn’t work that way. Set a realistic goal of 2-3 lbs per week. If you lose too much too quick you will end up with more flappy skin than you now what to do with.

    2 – Portion Control – As a society we simply eat too much. Plate sizes have gradually been increasing over the years, and we have no problem filling (and emptying) them. Start using smaller plates. If you go out to eat, chances are that they are going to give you way more than you should be eating in one sitting. Ask for a to go container right away and put half of your order in their. Not only will it help your waist line, but now you are getting two meals for the price of one.

    3 – Water is Your Best Friends – If there is any “miracle supplement”, it is water. A lot of diet pills actually flush out your water, helping you lose weight quickly. That is going to do much more harm than good. Your body needs water, and lots of it in order to function properly. A nice rule is to take half of your weight in pounds and drink that many ounces.

    4 – Make Exercise Non Negotiable – If you are serious about losing weight, exercise is a key part of the journey. This is especially true if you are looking for a tone look when you are done, as opposed to being skinny with a bunch of extra skin. When in doubt of what to do, go for a walk. Anything is better than nothing when it comes to exercise, as long as you are being safe.

    5 – Get rid of the “white”. White bread, rice, and any other grains based products have literally had the good stuff removed, and then they have been bleached to make them white. Why would you eat that? The first ingredient should be whole wheat. I say it again first ingredient should be whole wheat, NOT enriched wheat, or any other variation.

    6 – Sleep – This one is simply. Sleep a minimum of 7 hours whenever possible. Your body needs time to recover from the day, let it.

    Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix is a simple, effective, easy to follow program to help with healthy weight loss. It combines 30 minute workouts with a great portion control system, complete with a nutrition guide to help you achieve the best results. For more tips on healthy living, head over to my Fitness Blog

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  • 3 Effective Ways to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

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    It’s inevitable and it happens to nearly everyone that loses weight. A weight loss plateau is a period of time when one’s weight loss progress suddenly stops. This usually happens after a person loses a sizable amount of body weight. Naturally, your body does all it can to let you function naturally. Weight loss is considered unnatural so when you start losing a lot of weight, your body goes into starvation mode. When you are in starvation mode, your metabolism decreases and this in turn affects the rate at which you lose weight. The slower your metabolism, the harder you have to work in order to lose weight. In this article, we have a look at three effective ways to break through a weight loss plateau.

    One thing a lot of people forget to do is to update their dietary plans. As you start to lose more weight, the body’s need for mineral and food also decreases. Hence, you won’t need the same amount of calorie as you would have needed when you first started to exercise. One of the best ways to get through a plateau is by properly adjusting your calorie intake. Make sure you are still achieving a calorie deficiency by burning more than you gain. At the same time, make sure you aren’t sacrificing any important nutrients. Make sure you are still eating your fruits and vegetables as minerals like calcium are important for the functioning of your body.

    The next tip is to increase your workout intensity. Ideally, you should try and increase the exercise intensity once every two weeks. For example, if you run on a regular basis, you can either increase the amount of time you run or simply run faster in the same space of time. If you are lifting weights then you can either increase the weight load or try a different exercise. You may have heard of a term called muscle confusion. Although there is no concrete evidence that proves the vapidity of this concept, it doesn’t hurt to change your exercise routine every now and then to make workouts more fun and interesting.

    The third tip is to drink plenty of water. At this stage, it is also important that you stop drinking any other unhealthy beverage. For example, some beers contain a lot of calories so you may want to stay away from such alcohol for the time being. A lot of people forget how effective water is in helping you lose weight. If you manage to follow these three tips then you’ll break through the plateau in no time.

    Enjoyed reading this article? Read more weight loss tips on the author’s blog.

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