Looking for an effective method to shed weight without starving yourself? Then you should definitely try the natural way! Losing weight naturally is a much safer solution to dropping those excess pounds, and it’s also a lot less expensive compared to other weight loss techniques such as liposuction, stomach stapling, and so on.

To get you started, go ahead and check out these best natural weight loss tips we’ve compiled for you. Incorporate them into your daily routine and you’ll soon see a huge difference in your physique!

The 5 Best Natural Weight Loss Tips

1. Eat More Slowly
Studies show that it takes approximately 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your stomach is full. So if you eat too quickly, you’ll be consuming more food than you actually need to feel satisfied-and that will naturally increase your weight over time. The key is to eat more slowly so you can better control your servings and improve your metabolism. If you still don’t feel satisfied after your meal, just wait a while. Eventually your brain will tell you that you’re full and your appetite for more food will disappear.

2. Use a Small, Blue Plate
According to color psychology, blue is the least appetizing color. One obvious reason is because we use it to convey sadness and depression. Another is because in the olden times, the colors blue, black and purple were often signs of possibly poisonous food like berries. It is wired in our human consciousness to avoid these colors in food (most especially blue), so use this fact to lose weight by eating off a small, blue plate. Blue will psychologically make you eat less, while the small plate size will encourage you take lesser servings as opposed to a large plate where you always feel the need to fill the whole thing.

3. Eat Superfoods
Superfoods are natural foods that have health benefits. They’re not just healthy to eat but also practical for weight loss because they help increase metabolism. They also contain lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which do wonders for your body. Superfoods are composed of the following:

– Fruits: Apples, avocados, bananas, berries, grapefruit, melons, oranges, papaya, pears, pomegranates
– Nuts: Almonds, brazils, pine nuts, walnuts
– Veggies: Asparagus, beans, broccoli, celery, chickpeas, cucumber, pepper, kale, lentils, potatoes
– Protein: Cereal, brown rice, eggs, oatmeal, salmon, yogurt
– Others: Apple cider vinegar, dark chocolate, green tea, honey, olive oil, red wine, soup

Include them in your daily diet to get the full health benefits and keep your body from gaining weight.

4. Have Protein Early in the Day
Adding some protein in your breakfast will make you feel fuller so you’ll eat less throughout the day. Eggs, oatmeal, peanut or almond butter, yogurt, cheese and salmon are some options you can incorporate into your first meal of the day.

5. Take Safe & Natural Weight Loss Supplements
Lastly, take a natural weight loss supplement to help you achieve your ideal weight faster. Choose dietary supplements with all-natural extracts such as Garcinia Cambogia because it helps suppress your appetite, curbs emotional snacking, enhances your mood, boosts your energy and blocks fat from being formed. Because of its remarkable benefits, Garcinia Cambogia is considered as one of the most effective supplements for losing weight so be sure to include it in your daily diet.

Daniel J. Harris is a professional photographer in Las Vegas. He spends most of his free time biking, running, gardening and other outdoor activities to stay fit and healthy.

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