There are certain foods, that are great at helping you lose your excess weight. Although you may currently find it difficult to trim down with your current exercise regime, if you modify your eating habits, this can help you to obtain the ideal weight for your body. There are lots of weight loss foods that are not only beneficial for your waistline, but are also vital in maintaining optimal health.

Make a good start to the day, by having a healthy breakfast. This meal is very important as it provides you with the energy to keep you going for the rest of your day. Your breakfast also maintains your metabolic rate throughout the day, which of course is vital for weight loss. When you eat a good breakfast, you are also far less likely to reach for a sugary or high carbohydrate snack later in the morning.

The next thing that you need to do is monitor the food you eat throughout the day. You need to pay close attention to exactly what you are eating, and also the quantity of what you are eating. Swot up on your foods and food products, so you can tell the difference between a healthy low fat food, and a low fat food with questionable health benefits. You will be surprised, a lot of low fat foods are not particularly good for you (as they may contain sweeteners for example) or are actually not very low fat at all (they may be loaded with sugars as opposed to fat, which may still convert to fat in your body).

Fruits and vegetables are of course vital to a healthy, balanced diet, providing you with essential vitamins and minerals. If you are trying to lose weight, try to make fruit and vegetables a huge part of your diet, and always buy organic where possible. Fruit and vegetables also help to detox your body, flushing excess waste and toxins, and the fiber and water content will make you feel fuller for longer after your meals, as well as help with digestion.

Start substituting fatty and manufactured foods like nachos and sodas to more healthy weight loss foods like lean proteins, whole grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables. In addition to experiencing some weight loss, you should start to feel healthier and have more energy. You will also feel more content between meals if you are eating a healthy diet, and your cravings for sweets and high calorie snacks should be reduced.

Eating an unhealthy diet, can be a vicious cycle. For example, binging on sweets and fatty foods can actually change the opiate receptors in your brain to deplete you of endorphins. Once you have low endorphin levels, you are far less likely to exercise and eat well. Of course, if you are not exercising and eating well, you will not be raising your endorphin levels, and this lower level will again leave you craving sweet and fatty foods, and so on.

The key to weight loss and healthy eating is to try and stick to nature as closely as possible, when choosing your weight loss foods. This means choosing organic food where possible, and also choosing unrefined foods such as wholemeal bread and brown rice, as opposed to their white and refined counterparts. Always read food labels, if the ingredient list of a food product is long, with a lot of chemical looking names that you don’t recognise, steer clear. Often, the less the ingredients in a product, the better the food. Always look out for the salt content of a food product too, you will be surprised by how much salt is sometimes added to try and make a mediocre product taste good.

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